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Welcome to Knebworth Nail Bar Salon

Knebworth Nail Bar is a professional nail bar in the heart of Knebworth. Our nail salon offer a full range of nail services for ladies and gentlemen. Many of our flexible treatments conveniently fit into your short or lunch break. With an highly experienced and welcoming team, we offer a wide range of nail services including nail extensions and enhancements of natural nail treatments as well as toe nail services.

In our spacious, modern nail salon, you will find everything you need of a nail pampering from option for manicure and pedicure spa with relaxing hand to foot massage and exfoliation carried out in a spa massage chair that will leave your nails flawless and your skin silky smooth.  With a wide range of nail services and large variety colour collections and a range of top quality and industry-leading brands of nail polish, acrylic, gel and other well-known products such as OPI, SNS, DND, CND and more on offer, we aim to give you a new set of nails and toes that makes you feel more you and proud of, so book in to get the nails of your dreams today.

Our main services:

  • Acrylic nail extensions or enhancements on natural nails (overlay)
  • Ombre nails (pink & white, colour or glitter)
  • Gel powder extensions or enhancements on natural nails (overlay)
  • Shellac nail (gel colour) on natural nails or on nail extensions/enhancements
  • Permanent Pink & White or glittering powder
  • Dipping powder nail
  • Manicure and pedicure spa (on massage chair)

Our Nail Care and Beauty Services


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